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Our TGE has succesfully ended! $5 025 224 raised in total
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About BoatPilot

BoatPilot is essentially marineGoogle Maps and TripAdvisor in one software, with no other product like it in the world

Uniquely Developed

Unlike most existing marine navigation systems on the market, our product is uniquely developed for private yachtsmen and small yachting businesses


Relevant Navigation

Most relevant and precise navigation data on coastal objects


Augmented Reality

BoatPilot supports an augmented reality (AR) function, which allows the skipper to use AR glasses to see all necessary data incorporated into actual surroundings, and avoid distractions by the traditional dash – this feature is especially useful during poor visibility conditions, or at night


User Generated Content

BoatPilot users can add to and update the existing database and generate relevant content (comments, photos and routes), which is then checked by other members in the yachting community

BoatPilot video review

Why investors choose us?

BoatPilot is the first free integrated marine Navigation Service with augmented reality capabilities for private / commercial yachting markets

Unique Innovative Product

BoatPilot is based on unique software components. Each component will function as part of our system, and can be used as a ready-made solution by other marine navigation manufacturers and marine chart aggregators.

Vector geo-navigation data optimization module can be used on mobile devices with limited computing capabilities and storage space. The module can be used within a cluster.

High-load cloud server platform for collaborative work on gridding, with arbitrary data structure and geo-data ranking and indexing functions.

Cloud server platform for real-time collection and visualization of main marine indicators (coordinates, speeds, and routes) of vessels equipped with geo-location GPS and GLONASS devices, as well as a server for storing and cloud-synchronizing this data.

Innovative wireless hardware module BoatGod for iOS and Android platforms designed to work with the vessel's onboard systems based on the NMEA standard, which allows receiving data from all of the vessel's devices and, if necessary, controlling them. BoatGod is also capable of aggregating geo-data from various systems, like the vessel's sonar, to compile updated charts.

Augmented reality navigation system, which allows the skipper to avoid distractions of the dash, as well as receive tips on waterways, trajectory, danger signs, radio-channels, etc. This is especially important while navigating at night or in bad weather conditions.


Scalable business model

Our business concept is ready to scale:

  • strategy to expand to new geographies and markets
  • clear development plan, implying continuous innovation of the product
  • already functioning product, used and positively reviewed by thousands of users
  • strong team passionate about yachting

More detailed information about BoatPilot business model can be found in Business Overview.

Clear Roadmap

BoatPilot financial model assumes two possible courses of development and functionalities of BoatPilot. Both are based on the amount of funds raised through the TGE:

  • Soft Cap: $3 920 000
  • Hard Cap: $9 850 000

Please, see our Roadmap below.

If the Soft Cap is not reached during the TGE, all investments made will be returned.

The TGE will end automatically when the Hard Cap is reached.

If the funds raised during the TGE will be in the range between the Soft and Hard Caps our team will do everything possible to develop the functionalities outlined under the Hard Cap goal.

As soon as the final amount of funds raised is available, a detailed action plan will be issued via a press release.

BoatPilot aims to ensure complete transparency and accuracy in its approach to all investments made during the TGE, and at later development stages.


Team of experts, passionate about yachting

Experienced team of developers, who are in love with sailing! Meet our team and advisers here.

High demand

  • Approximately 50 000 users have downloaded the BoatPilot since its release, with no substantial marketing efforts. BoatPilot maintains a stable user base that includes thousands of yachtsmen around the Mediterranean.
  • Our record-breaking 2017 season showed that BoatPilot navigated over 4 700 yachts. Considering that an average yacht costs approximately $250,000, we can assume that we’ve been trusted with over $1.2 billion in property by our current users.
  • Contracts with charter and service agencies.

How BoatPilot works


Hardware wireless module BoatGod connects directly to the onboard system of any vessel, collects marine data and transfers it via Wi-Fi. BoatGod enables precise collection of data, which is then used to update marine navigation charts

hardware module


BoatPilot combines within it all navigation functions

hybrid app

Pocket Skipper

Pocket Skipper supports all additional services, such as brokerage (listing vessels for sale or rent based on specific parameters), marina rental, sailing companion search and tour proposals, etc.

additional services


Tokenization scheme

BoatPilot Tokenization Explained

BoatPilot users who have installed the module BoatGod on their vessels will transmit geo-data, which will be used to update marine charts and make them more precise. In return, we will reward them with NAVY tokens — the more someone sails, the more geo-data they share, the more tokens they receive.

To ensure that these bonuses are paid out, we will purchase NAVY on crypto-exchanges. As BoatPilot coverage territory grows and NAVY are mined more actively through geo-data sharing, we will buy back more and more tokens, stimulating token price growth.

Additionally, we will burn a part of the tokens to raise the price further by lowering the circulating supply.

Check our White Paper for more details.


Regional composition of the market

Total international yachtingMarket Size
is $70 billion
  • Asia 42.9%
  • Europe 23.1%
  • North America 23.3%
  • Africa 6.1%
  • Middle East 2.3%
  • South America 2.3%

By the year 2019 BoatPilot is planning to take

market share
market share

mobile apps

Fully Functional Application for Android

Facebook connect

App Rating

Over 50 000 installs

BoatPilot is not an abstract concept, but is an existing and functioning product that is used by thousands of users.



BoatPilot detailed Development plan with main stages

Following more than two years of active work on BoatPilot

Current State: our results

  • Over 50,000 downloads of BoatPilot on Google Play.
  • The fastest growing audience in the yachting industry.
  • Highly targeted audience with unique parameters that are available to advertisers . Parameters vary from the type of vessel, to number of miles sailed, and include current geographical location.
  • Signed agreements with several charter and service companies.
  • Exclusive rights to book over 13,000 vessels in Europe from over 1000 participating companies.
  • World’s first free marine navigation app with highly developed functions and regular, timely updates.
  • Full coverage of the Mediterranean with the most precise database , with nearly twice as many marinas listed in BoatPilot than in other marine navigation software (4000 versus 1800).
Soft Cap

Q2 2018

Open a physical office location and form a sales department in Europe

Q2 2018

Release of the final version of BoatPilot on App Store

Q2 2018

Release of Pocket Skipper for Europe on App Store and Google Play

Q3 2018

Begin BoatGod module delivery to corporate clients in Europe

Q4 2018

Develop BoatPilot boxed alpha-version (protected smart-tablet and BoatGod module)

Hard Cap

Q1 2019

Release of charts for North and South America

Q2 2019

Open a physical office location and form a sales department in the Americas

Q2 2019

Release of the BoatGod module for private clients

Q3 2019

Release of Pocket Skipper for the Americas on App Store and Google Play

Q3 2019

Update European regional charts with detailed depth data

Q3 2019

Release BoatPilot boxed version

Q4 2019

Develop alpha-version of AR supported BoatPilot

Q4 2019

Begin licensed sales to third parties for BoatPilot chart usage

2020/21 plan

Q1 2020

Release charts for the Asia Pacific region

Q2 2020

Open a physical office location and form a sales department in Asia Pacific

Q3 2020

Release of Pocket Skipper for Asia Pacific on App Store and Google Play

Q4 2020

Release final version of AR supported BoatPilot

Q4 2020

Update regional charts with detailed depth data for the Americas

Q2-Q4 2021

Possible BoatPilot Initial Public Offering


NAVY tokens

Release and distribution of NAVY tokens : structure and share

Bonuses distribution mechanics


Soft Cap: $3 920 000

Hard Cap: $9 850 000

Token Cost: $0.07

Free float
Project`s ecosystem
Bounty, PR and Referral

Tokens distribution during the Open Stage

% Amount
Free float 61.25 140 714 286
Team 20 45 947 521
Bonuses 12.25 28 142 858
Advisers 3.5 8 040 817
Project`s ecosystem 1.5 3 446 064
Bounty, PR and Referral 1.5 3 446 064
Total 100% 229 737 610

Smart contract details

Sales contract address: 0xd9f82f63b1d400595aec7277820ff71c44b65ad0
Token contract address: 0xc15A399c4eA7815fE36857C9E290EE452A5D6B21
Token name: NAVY
Decimals: 18
Token standart: ERC20

GitHub Smart Contract Audit

Token usage and value growth

  • First, the more NAVY tokens bought out from the exchanges, the higher the price.
  • Second, the constant decline in the number of tokens available, the lower the circulating supply, and the higher the price.


Documents, infographics, press releases and more
White Paper
24.8 MB
Yellow Paper
9.51 MB
Token Policy
9.56 MB
Business Overview
0.9 MB



Token 2049 - Hong Kong, 20-21 March, 2018

Book a meeting

Blockhain West - USA, San-Francisco, 27-28 March, 2018

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BoatPilot Team and


Andrey Domaratsky

Andrey has been professionally investing into IT projects since 2010. In 2011 he became one of the co-founders and marketing director of the yachting charter company Corsair Adventures. From 2012 to present day has been holding the position of marketing director of Game Garden – a mobile app developer, with the total number of installations of more than 10 million. At Game Garden, Andrey is responsible, among other things, for traffic acquisition and analytics. Sailed over 5 thousand miles around the Mediterranean region.

Dmitry Donskoy

Since 2011, co-founder, co-owner and director of the charter companies Corsair Adventures and North Sails Montenegro. From 2002 to 2008, director of Simcon – a company specializing in offshore programming. Yachtsman since 1998, Dmitry covered more than 10 thousand miles as a skipper in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic. For the last five years has been the director of the Montenegro-based investment company Simeon.

Dmitry has extensive experience in investments in various types of yachting companies (service and exploitation), which has made him an expert in this area and given him a clear understanding of the state of affairs on the market of marine navigation, including its shortcomings and user needs. This gave Dmitry the opportunity to be at the intersection of IT and marine navigation theory, allowing him to clearly understand both yachtsmen navigation requirements and the needs of yacht-related businesses in convenient and effective advertising tools.



Artem Borodin

Foreign exchange markets senior analyst and department assistant director at the brokerage house Currencies Managers LLC, Artem was responsible for development and implementation of sales strategies, as well as all client communication with potential private and corporate clients for a period of three years.

Senior analyst and senior customer service associate of the Panama Consulting Company. Carried out business optimization processes for such companies as UPS and Verizon, integrating all company sub-divisions and branches to improve customer experience and lower company expenses. After moving to Panama, Artem was fascinated by yachting, which became his hobby and passion. His extensive experience in business management and love for sailing make him the perfect CEO for BoatPilot.


Vladimir Abramov

Since 2008, software developer at Creative Technologies – developer of well-known solutions for e-commerce X-cart, Ecwid. A sailor since 2011, Vladimir is the author of the NMEA 2000 synchronization modules for GoFree products. Since 2012, worked for an integrator company engaged in development of individual navigation solutions based on the Simrad Simnet hardware components. Had the opportunity to thoroughly examine NMEA 2000 protocols and their proprietary branches (Simnet and others). Passion for yachting gave him a deep understanding of all user requirements for marine navigation systems.

Business Development Manager
Ivan Varat

Specialist in the field of communication and client services, Ivan daily connects with BoatPilot existing and potential advertisers, ensuring that all their marketing needs within the platform are met. Having graduated from the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Ivan has fifteen years of experience in customer relationship management, marketing, and PR. Croatian native, he’s fluent in English and Spanish.

Head of Mobile Development
Yury Cherepovsky

After graduating from the Orlov State University with a degree in IT engineering, Yury began his career in IT and programming in 1986. Starting in 2000, has been professionally developing mobile apps and software as the technical producer and localization programmer for Snowball.

In 2002 began working as the programmer and studio lead for Akella. Team lead for the development of the Mystery of the Third Planet game, as well as dozens of other popular mobile and computer games. In 2004 began working as the lead programmer for (widely known as Fight Club), later moving on to become CTO of the company. Having worked as lead programmer for Bolid between 2007 and 20010 received extensive experience with microcontrollers and low-level programming. From 2010 to present head of mobile development at Game Garden. Heavily participated in the development of mobile games Fairy Farm, Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure, Family Town, Tales of Windspell, and others.



Chief Business Development Officer
Julie Plavnik

After graduating from Moscow State University holding a masters in Commercial Law, Julie went on to further her education at an advanced training course Blockchain Project Development at the Higher School of Economics. Co-founder of – the first Russian online crowdfunding platform for commercial real estate investment. Co-founder of one of the first blockchain popularization platforms in Russia – International Blockchain Consulting Group (IBCG). At the moment IBCG is a major international conference and meet-up organizers devoted to blockchain projects. Currently, Julie is an active asset tokenization adviser of several IT projects.

Chief Project Officer, expert in IT development
Yury Pomortsev

After graduating from Bauman Moscow State Technical University with a degree in Information Technology and Systems Administration, Yury tested his hand at journalism working for several leading Russian gaming publications. In 2001, he became Publisher of the Gameland Media Company (magazines Game Land, Computer Gaming World RE, PC Games, etc). Organized two Gameland Award ceremonies in the field of computer and video gaming. Co-producer of several MTV Russia and Gameland TV gaming programs, including Video Games Icon, Virtuality, Teleport, Scarily Interesting, Without a Screw.

In 2009, founded Game Garden, LLC. – well-known international mobile game developer and publisher. More than 15 games were developed and released with Yury’s direct participation. Many of these games have become international successes, including Fairy Farm, Farmdale, Pet Heroes: Puzzle Adventure, Fairy Kingdom and others. Repeatedly participated as an invited expert on radio and television industry shows, and is an active member of the jury of the Game Developers Conference Russia.


Independent Blockchain Consultant
Andrew Rippon

Andrew Rippon has been involved in crypto currencies since 2012 when he authored early work on crypto to fiat exchanges. Today he is an independent Blockchain consultant, having recently been the Blockchain Lead at NXN, developing technology at the intersection of crypto currencies and the underlying utility of blockchain. Andrew is also involved in startups within the space, having advised several on technology development, hardening and governance. Recently Andrew has been advisor for Goal Bonanza, Fiduxa, Eggs and several other ICOs.

Legal Adviser
Rika Khurdayan (Dilendorf & Khurdayan, New York)

Rika’s practice involves blockchain, virtual currencies and ICOs. She handles legal and SEC regulatory aspects of the blockchain industry, including rules applicable to token generating events and crypto fund formations. Rika provides legal advice and guidance to the BoatPilot team in connection with the sale of NAVY tokens in the US under Regulation D and Regulation S of the Securities Act.


Our company is open to public communication.

Any feedback is welcome.

Follow and contact us on social media channels.

Company information: COMPUTEK IVERIA LLC, a legal entity, incorporated and operating under the laws of Georgia, and located at Free Industrial Zone, Poti City, Georgia, Identification Number: 415098432.

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